The Ebbelt story: Much more than earphones. A new way to feel the music – Ebbelt

The Ebbelt story: Much more than earphones. A new way to feel the music

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The Ebbelt story: Much more than earphones. A new way to feel the music

“It all started with a magic box. A box like the ones used by magicians, where anything you want can appear out of thin air”

The idea


Abel, one of the brand’s founders, had to leave his home in Valencia to lead an expansion project for a Spanish company in China. He left his home and his family behind, as well as the comforting stability of familiar surroundings.

Hong Kong was his first destination on this dizzying journey into the unknown. From the very first moment, he was dazzled by the contrasts of this metropolis:

· The bamboo Duk Lings (Hong Kong’s traditional boats) gliding around Victoria Harbour before a backdrop of awe-inspiring skyscrapers.
· The spirituality of the Buddhist temples and the bustle of the city that never sleeps.
· The ancient traditions silently shouting that they still live on amidst the din of modernity.

He had a new and complicated language to learn, a new country to get to know and a demanding job which would require a great deal of dedication. Everything was an opportunity to learn, and he came to discover that this country perhaps, “the biggest factory in the world”,was a good place to carry out any project.

While he was taking in the A Symphony of Lights, light show, something sparked his creativity. It was then that Abel felt the urgent need to build something of his own, take charge and pour all of his talent, everything that he had ever learned and all of his passion into his own project. He did not yet know what he was going to do, but he knew that it was going to be a success.

``A man with a new idea is a crank - until the idea succeeds``

(Mark Twain)

The light show may have been the catalyst for what Ebbelt is today, but almost anything else could have been the spark to ignite the idea, as something had been stirring in Abel’s mind for quite a while.

Big ideas need big people: Abel looked for people who believed in his idea as much as he did. Naturally, it was at home, close to the Mediterranean, where he found the people who would share his journey and who, without hesitation, set off with him on his search for a profitable, viable and exciting business idea.


The magic box


When you want to create something out of nothing, there’s always that “nice” person who says: “But everything’s already been invented.”
Oh yeah? Well, we’re going to improve something that’s already out there.
Abel decided to put some Bluetooth earphones (they were all the rage in Hong Kong at the time) into a box and sent them to his team in Valencia with a note that read:

“We can improve this and we’re going to do it.” Ebbelt had been born. The snowball had begun to roll.

``Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard``

(Guy Kawasaki)

After many hours of “brainstorming”, countless cups of coffee, infinite tests, prototypes and huge dollops of passion and effort, the team finally launched the first model of Ebbelt earphones.


A reality in Hong Kong


The reception amongst the people of Hong Kong exceeded all expectations. . Even the biggest DJs were talking about the quality of Ebbelt’s technology and design, with the brand becoming a trend and an indispensable part of their sets.
Gloria Ansell, one of the most renowned DJs in China and Australia, is one of our biggest ambassadors and we see her as Ebbelt’s godmother.
Following the success of Ebbelt in China, the next step was to introduce it to the rest of world and bring colour to music.


What is Ebbelt?


Ebbelt is a technology and fashion product. It’s a travel companion to help you explore the world in your own style and to your own soundtrack. Is it possible to link a colour to a state of mind or melody? Ebbelt has done just that. What sound does colour make?

Earphones with unbeatable sound quality, comfort and a unique design. Design, Hi-Fi and comfort.

``We are our choices``

(J.P Sartre)

Wear them however you want. There’s an Ebbelt for every situation:

· Urban, Sport o Class

· Bluetooth or wired.


Headphones versus earphones


Why do people choose headphones over earphones? For the sound quality.

With Ebbelt, there’s no need to choose one other the other purely based on sound quality. We have worked on every aspect to make noise-cancelling earphones which let you enjoy your music just like if you were wearing headphones, just without ruining your hair ;).
Having achieved optimum sound quality, we wanted to make our earphones genuinely comfortable. How many times have you stopped using the classic earphones you’ve always had because they don’t fit in your ear properly, hurt you or fall out and end up on the floor?
Our next challenge was to make earphones that you can wear in complete comfort with an ergonomic design which would also let you keep them around your neck, even when you aren’t using them, so that you don’t lose them and you can concentrate on enjoying your music.


The right design for your music


Do you wear headphones instead of earphones, even though they’re flashier, because earphones just don’t give you that cool look?

That’s why at Ebbelt, we’ve made sure that your earphones are more than just a technological accessory. We want them to be a fashion statement that you can identify with while you’re listening to your favourite music with first-rate sound quality.

Choose your Ebbelt – there’s one for every moment.

Sound quality, comfort and on-trend. Those are the three ingredients that make Ebbelt unique.
Ebbelt is the crazy idea that was born in a magic box and came to life:

“A fashion accessory to give colour to music. Designed for the ears, turning a classic into a revolutionary force.”

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