Interview with Gloria Ansell: One of the top female DJs of the moment – Ebbelt

Interview with Gloria Ansell: One of the top female DJs of the moment

Gloria Ansell DJ

Interview with Gloria Ansell: One of the top female DJs of the moment

Gloria is an exceptional woman. This DJ and producer combines her amazing technical and musical gifts with an infectious, energetic and passionate personality.
The result of this mix is a unique set ranging from EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to Tech to Trap to Twerk, making Gloria one of the very best female DJs on the international scene.
Gloria is vitality, fervour and dedication.


etting to know Gloria Ansell


Born into a family of mixed heritage from Australia and Hong Kong, her musical knowledge blossomed at a very early age. She learned how to play the piano, the guitar and the drums, which paved the way for her future career as a DJ. Her musical taste, her desire to keep on learning and the influence of electronic music make her sessions a truly unique show.

Considered one of the sexiest DJs on the planet, although she doesn’t attach any importance to that title, she now has a residency at Pepper Club (Hong Kong) and also DJs at various clubs in Australia and Europe. Gloria says that the best reward for her work is to round off a session and hear “I love your music”[/vc_column_text]


Instrument: The drums

Tips: Be yourself, it’s what makes you unique.

Favourite actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

Accessory: Ebbelt

Lucky charm: A wristband

Place: Greece

Musical note: B minor

How do you feel when you’re DJing?


I’m a really physical and energetic DJ; I dance, I jump around, I move about… DJing for me is a truly unique feeling. A constant exchange of energy with the people who are listening. I love reading the crowd and creating the right atmosphere. The power of music is invigorating.
There are days when the crowd’s a bit more subdued, but thanks to music you can lift their mood and turn a grey day into a good day.


Why should someone who doesn’t know you listen to your music and not someone else’s?


I don’t think you should just listen to one genre of music. It’s actually a good idea to listen to different types. I do. But if I had to tell someone why they should listen to me, I’d say that my music and mixes are very current. I’m always listening to different styles to mix them in with the latest tracks. You’re not just going to listen to music, you’re going to enjoy a different experience.
It’s a blend of music and entertainment. You’ll have to come and check it out (laughs).


You’re a producer and a DJ, where do you feel most comfortable? In the studio or on stage?

I started out as a DJ and that’s why I think the stage is where I feel in my element. Getting vibes from the crowd and feeling their energy is really important to me.
The stage actually teaches you a lot about people and that lesson is then transferred into the studio. I also like the studio and it’s necessary for any producer, although it’s a more introspective way of working.


Carl Cox, David Guetta, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Moby, Fatboy… How do you feel being a woman in a man’s world? Pros and cons?


When I started out there were very few women DJs. Now, there are more and more of us up there on the decks.
At first, being a woman in this world was a kind of advantage, as there were few of us and so we stood out. This made you different. Now I don’t think there are any differences. The important thing is to be professional.
I think the female style of DJing is a pro as we tend to empathise more with each other. If women are happy and dancing, men are also happy, as are the club owners. And that closes the loop.


What music have you listened to today?


This morning I’ve been listening to chillout music to unwind and let the creativity flow. In the evenings I usually listen to deep house and minimal techno.


How do you prepare your sets?


I start off by preparing some tracks with the most current music. But I actually play it by ear, so to speak, because the crowd doesn’t always respond in the same way, so knowing how to read people is paramount.


Is there anything new on the scene that’s a must-have for DJs in Hong Kong?


Headphones are crucial for a good set. There are colleagues who mix directly from the computer, but for me the must-haves are earphones.
Ebbelt has been a real find because of the sound quality and comfort when DJing. Depending on the set, I’ll use Ebbelt or headphones.


What’s the latest music trend in China and Australia?


Pop music is on trend, so electronic dance music is the most popular. Asian crowds seem to be gradually opening up to underground and techno styles.


What have you learnt since you started out as a DJ?


The most important lesson I’ve learnt is to never stop learning and practising. Learning and experimentation are key to being a good DJ. Although perhaps this lesson is also useful for many other aspects of life.
Never stop learning, listening to new sounds, being inquisitive and – above all – being yourself.


What advice would you give to your past self?


This advice ties in with the lessons learnt since I’ve been a DJ.
I’d tell my past self to spend more time studying in order to achieve her dreams faster. I sometimes get the feeling of having frittered away time, even though each stage of life has its moments.

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